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terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Sir Psyko & His Monsters - Zombie Rock [2008]

Enviado por Barkas (Uploaded by Barkas)

Sir Psyko & His Monsters - Zombie Rock [2008]
(psyko monsters) [bb]
Artista: Sir Psyko & His Monsters
Album: Zombie Rock
Ano: 2008
Gênero: Psychobilly
Origem: Áustria
Links: [ myspace ]

01. Voices
02. Love/Hate
03. What Have I Done?
04. Mutant Kr3w
05. Jimmy The Butcher
06. Ballad
07. Ghost Riders (In The Sky)
08. I Sold My Soul
09. Monsterbilly Queen
10. Human Hunter
11. Sir Psyko & His Monsters
12. Zombie Rock
13. The End
Sir Psyko & His Monsters - Ghost Riders (In The Sky)

Obs: essa é a faixa número 07 do CD.
O arquivo está protegido por senha (password).
Anote agora ou não poderá ouvir o CD quando baixar!

The file is protected by password.
Write it down right now or else you won't be able to listen to the record!

Download (clique aqui para baixar o CD).

Link: sharebee
Tamanho: 82,5 MB


Um comentário: disse...

as you can see, klicking on the label
button, this album was released by
our company. So this is a 'friendly'
warning to remove ALL our albums
immediately from your blog.

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