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terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008

«VA» Dear Johnny... A Tribute To Cash [2004]

«VA» Dear Johnny... A Tribute To Cash [2004]
Simply put, “Dear Johnny…A Tribute To CASH” is an eclectic collection of artists paying their respects to the Man In Black on one compilation CD. For explanation purposes, the genres of music featured here range from Alt Country and Americana to Rockabilly and Psychobilly to Industrial and Punk Rock . The phrase cutting edge is overused in my book but I still feel that this CD represents a cutting edge approach (or perhaps response) to some of the music written and/or recorded by the great Johnny Cash. Possibly the first rock n' roller and maybe the first punk rocker, the Man in Black broke a lot of rules in his time and also set some new ones. Johnny illustrated to the world that music boundaries can be flexible and that there is a worthwhile value to the principle of determination. In his own words in a Time Magazine interview from July 25 th , 2003:

“I can't put myself in a box or a basket…I'm really trying to prove that there aren't categories you have to stay in, that you can branch out. You can touch others out there that have not been listening to you if you keep trying”.

Ah yes, the pure and determined “stick to your guns” stance that I love. Words to live by. The artists on “Dear Johnny…A Tribute to CASH” certainly do not belong to any one genre of music and their interpretations of the songs contained herein seek to represent a few of the facets of Cash the individual. Bands here celebrate the different sides of Johnny's personality: a Man of God, a hell-raiser, a humanitarian, a prisoner, a rebel, a writer and singer of love songs, and a man with a genuine sense of humor. To me, the essence of Johnny Cash's career and life has been the simple search of a man finding himself. And he happened to document that career and life though over five decades of writing, recording and performing music. Music for all of our ears.

-Ryan Davis
Album: Dear Johnny... A Tribute To Cash
Ano: 2004
Gênero: Psychobilly
Origem: Texas, EUA
Links: [ site oficial ]

01. Dale Watson - Guess Things Happen That Way
02. The Scotchgreens - There You Go
03. Supersuckers - Mean-Eyed Cat
04. Stevie Tombstone - Folsom Prison Blues
05. Deadbolt - Orange Blossom Special
06. Beverly Killbillies - Wanted Man
07. Kings Of Nuthin' - Cry, Cry, Cry
08. Flametrick Subs - Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog
09. Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - Long Black Veil
10. Jesse Dayton - Doin' My Time
11. Concombre Zombi - Flesh & Blood
12. 12 Step Rebels - Delia's Gone
13. Satan's Teardrops - I Got Stripes
14. Los Creepers - Wreck Of The Old '97
15. Eddie Spaghetti - Peace In The Valley
16. Todd Stedman - Hey Porter
17. Speedbuggy Usa - Drive On
18. Hot Rod Lincoln - I Walk The Line
19. South Austin Allstars - The Man In Black
Satan's Teardrops - I Got Stripes

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Link: sharebee
Tamanho: 53,3 MB


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